Lough Swilly lifeboat
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Lough Swilly Lifeboat Buncrana
The Lough Swilly Lifeboat station in Donegal was the first station of its kind in Ireland to successfully complete the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Association) President’s Award program. It’s also the only lifeboat station in the country which operates two lifeboats. One inshore lifeboat and another all-weather Tyne class lifeboat.

Update: during spring 2015 a new Shannon class lifeboat was deployed on Lough Swilly – the first of its kind in Ireland.

Ned’s Point Buncrana
The RNLI established an inshore lifeboat station at Ned’s Point in Buncrana, Co. Donegal in March 1988. A new boathouse was built there in 1995 to accommodate the D class lifeboat, B class Atlantic lifeboat and tractor with improved crew facilities and a souvenir shop for visitors.

The all-weather Tyne class lifeboat joined the Lough Swilly family in September 2000. The station has received six awards in total since its inception – Framed Letter of Thanks (3) and Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum (3).

The Tyne comes complete with a small X boat which is an inflatable daughter boat which allows access to areas which the Tyne cannot reach. The Tyne also comes with a complete first aid kit including stretchers, oxygen and entonox.

Ned's Point lifeboat station

The Atlantic 85 operates in daylight up to force 7 and at night until force 6. It has room for four crew members and comes with a comprehensive communication suite including VHF electronic radio devices and night-vision equipment.

National Youth Education Awareness Program
The RNLI have a national youth education awareness program which promotes sea and beach safety for young people. The RNLI can provide you with information on their youth project work and even arrange a visit from an RNLI presenter who will happily come and deliver a presentation to your class with the presentations tailored to your exact age group.
For more information on this email education@loughswillyrnli.com

Experience the Lough Swilly Lifeboat station for yourself
The lifeboats provide cover for commercial and leisure marine activities. The station itself is classed as a Discover station. The station welcomes visitors and those who have visited the station before have found it to be an eye opening experience.

If you and your group wish to experience the Lough Swilly Lifeboat station for yourself and gain an insight into sea safety and the day-to-day operations of the charity contact them at visits@loughswillyrnli.com

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