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Traditional Thatched Cottage Accommodation - Doagh Island, Inishowen :: views

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Granda's Thatched Cottage - views from the surrounding area

Carraickabraghy Castle and the "Hissing Rock".
About 4km away, at the north-western extremity of Doagh Island, the remains of the  Carraickabraghy castle ruin perched on top of Friars Rock are to be seen.
Last inhabited in 1655, ownership of the castle changed hands many times, and was once occupied by McFaul, a descendant of Prince Eoghain, son of Niall and the nine hostages (... and from which we get Iniseoghain or Inishowen. - meaning the island of Owen)

Just to the left of the castle, pictured above: Is the blow-hole, known as the "Hissing Rock"; it is a fissure in the rock with a wide opening to the sea, that spews out a jet of sea water as tidal pressure forces water through the gap. A fine misty spray "hisses" out to warn you, like a kettle about to boil,  just before the main body of water erupts.

Below is a picture looking south from the castle, showing the the broad sweep of Pollan Beach, a two mile sand and pebble strip, stretching as far as Ballyliffin, just visible in the middle.
Behind the rocky outcrop to the left, lies the famous 2 links Ballyliffin Golf course and club.

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