County Donegal, a rugged and picturesque county on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, is home to a burgeoning distilling scene. Two distilleries, the Crolly Distillery and the Ardara Distillery, are producing high-quality spirits that are capturing the attention of whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

Crolly Distillery

The Crolly Distillery is a relatively new addition to the Irish whiskey landscape, having opened its doors in 2018. However, its history stretches back much further, with its name echoing the centuries-old tradition of illicit distilling that thrived in the county. The distillery is located in the picturesque village of Crolly, nestled among the rolling hills and farmlands of the west Donegal.

Ardara Distillery

The Ardara Distillery, located in the charming town of Ardara, is a more established producer, having been founded in 2012. The distillery is named after the towering Slieve League cliffs, which overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Ardara Distillery is known for its focus on traditional Irish whiskey production, using locally sourced malted barley and pot stills to create its unique spirits.


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