Customer Testimonials for Inishcoo Island - Burtonport

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“Very well kept house in an absolutely outstanding location. And Oscar was super helpful and nice. Absolute recommendation - we loved it.”

Moritz, August 2019

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“ Beautiful island house,very large and spacious rooms with aesthetic view. This beautiful island has got a private beach,you need at least 5 days to explore the whole place .And the host Mr Oscar was exceptionally good and could not have been more helpful and accomodating .He was always just a phone call away with his boat.we will highly recommend this place for the location ,privacy,and the host Mr Oscar. Will definitely visit again.”

Joseph, July 2019

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“ What an amazing place! Stayed for a week and still had plenty of exploring left to do! Our only regret when leaving was that we did not spend enough time on the island. Inishcoo Island was worthy of a week itself. It was so much fun to walk the beautiful beaches, search out the grazing cattle and explore the island. Also had great fun catching lobster and shrimp for dinner in the shrimp pots at the house! Oscar was great. He was so patient and accommodating with our group of 11. Can’t recommend Inishcoo House highly enough!”

Jill, June 2019

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“ Went with a big group of friends and we all had a great experience. The facilities, the location, and the host were all amazing and made for an unforgettable weekend. I think it’s safe to say we would all go back tomorrow if we could. A big thank you to Oscar, who brought us to and from the island and guided us all weekend, for making things run so smoothly and helping us make the most of our time there. 10/10

AJ, June 2019

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“ We had an ideal getaway on Inishcoo. We had a very large group and there was a bed for everyone and loads of space. Oscar dropped us over on his boat and was very accommodating and friendly, giving us tips on what to do on the area and showed us around the house. There were sea kayaks that we were able to use and visit the nearby beaches, some of which were the nicest I've ever been on. I would highly recommend Inishcoo and look forward to visiting again in the future.”

Emma, May 2019

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“ An absolutely phenomenal stay, I genuinely couldn’t recommend the space highly enough. Communication was prompt and clear as well as being extremely accommodating of any extra queries - we will definitely be back! "


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Dear Celia, Happy New Year! We truly love this house and this island. We have had an amazing time here! What a dream! Many thanks. Oscar has been great. We will be so sad to leave tomorrow. All the very best for 2018! Louise

Louise Moore, Germany Party of 17 for New Year 2017-18

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Hallowe'en 2014 (12 adults, 10 children)

Want to say a big thank you and to let you know we all had a fabulous time on Inishcoo last weekend.

The weather wasn't the best but we did manage to venture out around the island for a few walks with the kids we even met the local cows north of the island! My wife Nicola had a lovely 40th birthday and some of the couples have been talking about wanting to come again with the family.


R. King. Coleraine, Co. Derry

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We all had a fabulous week on Inishcoo and Oscar looked after us really well… The older boys played a game of Risk that lasted the entire week and absolutely loved it so one of our first jobs when we got back home was to get our own set down from the attic. The weather wasn't too great but it was nice enough to get out and explore the island most days and we all enjoyed it very much. We've all posted lots of pictures and references to Inishcoo on our Facebook pages and already have lots of people saying they'd love to go too,  so hopefully you'll get some more enquiries from this.

We also met Tim in the Lobster Pot and he looked after us really well even though the place was very busy when 12 of us and arrived in looking for dinner. The oysters and crab claws were delicious and everyone enjoyed their meal.

We would love to return at some other time. Thanks again for an amazing holiday.


Olga Hughes, Dublin.

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New Year 2014-15.

Arrived safely on the island just before dark last night.  House is beautiful and views fantastic.  Couldn't be better

N.Kane, Larne, Co.Antrim

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We had a wonderful time and everything was perfect. We had a wonderful time fishing exploring and generally relaxing (well needed).  Your home on Inishcoo is beautiful and we are lucky that you share such a treasure. My husband promised me that the library could keep him occupied for many weeks. Some of the books that my daughter pulled were very old and interesting reading from 1915 and on. My daughter loved the children's play den. My son loved fishing and caught his first fish with great excitement. All in all everyone was blown away by the peaceful beauty of the island. We would love to come back in the future

M Pollock. USA

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WHAT an idyllic weekend we all had at Inishcoo! No wonder you love the place. As I said yesterday thank you all so much for sharing your little piece heaven with us.

I don't know where to start….I think the breathtaking light that suffused the house, the sea, the islands, everywhere – that was so unexpected and completely stunning. I guess that was why the sea so clear and such a striking green colour. People talk about artists flocking to the south coast of France because they revel in the unique quality of light, but I do think the Donegal luminosity is a well kept secret. As you said yourself, the place is bewitching.

Then tthe very natural, easy going completely open and so likeable people around you there – you could not ask for more.


Dr Ruth Dover, London SW

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I keep thinking I am on a Greek Island - so warm and the colours are dazzling!

Mary Cunningham, Crossgar, Co Down

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What a phenomenal place! Went for a wonderful walk among the most incredible variety of wildflowers in glorious sunshine; watched the ferries pass while sitting out reading books on the terrace, after a disastrous evening's Bridge for me!  Utter magic the whole day!  

Simone Beach, Ballydugan House, Co Down

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“What a wonderful place!  I had looked forward to coming to the island since hearing about it earlier in the year.   It was no disappointment;  you have done a wonderful job of restoring the house.”   

Patricia Nash, Ramelton, Co. Donegal

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“The house and island are a tour de force.  You saved a very nice surprise for me with your magnificent library.  What a delight and the perfect place to while away a soft Donegal day”.

Dan Calley, Aghadowey & The Linenhall Libirary, Belfast

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SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR VISITORS  - following the completion of the extensive restoration project in 2013.


“Your house is utterly gorgeous.  You must be so thrilled with it.  What fun for the family to have such a nice place to holiday.”  

Heather Kinghan, Hillsborough, NI.   



“I loved my walk round the island – seeing such lovely places and flowers.  I think the fat green caterpillar we found was an Emperor Moth, but I am not totally sure.”     Polly Hughes – Seaforde, Co. Down


“We have just had the best beach day ever, anywhere in the world.   Nobody in England is going to believe how warm the water here is for swimming, and  it is so clear we have just had the most gorgeous swim!”

Ferguson Family consensus, July 2013


“What a wonderful place!  I had looked forward to coming to the island since hearing about it earlier in the year.   It was no disappointment;  you have done a wonderful job of restoring the house.”    Patricia Nash, Ramelton, Co. Donegal


Visitors for launch of house 2013.

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