The Bluestack Way Donegal

The Bluestack Way Donegal

The Bluestack Way Donegal – The Bluestack Way was formed in 1999 and is a 65km long walking route from Donegal Town to Ardara. The route crosses the Bluestack Mountains, with peaks of 600m but the Way rarely climbs above 250m. The route traverses a largely unspoilt region and provides a glimpse into a Donegal of the past. The Bluestacks are wild, rough and very beautiful with wonderful views of south Donegal.

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Donegal Town to Lough Eske

Beginning in Donegal Town on the north eastern shores of Donegal Bay the Bluestack Way, takes the walker north eastwards along country roads and lanes. The route largely follows the Eske River all the way to the magnificent Lough Eske. There is a circular route around Lough Eske itself. The Bluestack Way follows the western shore of the lake and woodlands before climbing the foothills of the Bluestack Mountains. The walker will be rewarded with beautiful views from the Banagher Saddle of Lough Eske and the mountains ahead.

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Lough Eske to Disert via the Eglish Valley

Leaving Lough Eske the Bluestack Way heads north westwards towards the Eglish Valley and the foothills of the Bluestack Mountains. The glacier that carved out the U-shape of the valley followed a major fracture, or fault, in the earth’s crust called the Eglish Fault.In this part of the walk, the walker can take in the wonderful views of the main peaks in the Bluestacks to the right and the Sligo mountains and Donegal Bay to the left.

Time should be taken to view the Greg Mare’s Tale water fall near the point where the Eany More River is crossed. Also worh a visit in this area is the ancient graveyard at Disert near the foot of Carnaween Mountain.

Disert to Glenties

West of Disert the route goes over rough and remote high moorland terrain between Binbane and Cloghmeen Hill before descending along the Owenroe river to reach a bog road. This is followed across isolated bogland at Meenawannia to reach Glenties. Along this section of the Bluestack Way there is an optional extra route to Lough Anna

Glenties to Ardara

From Glenties the walk follows the fishing access route to the Owenea River on gorse lined paths with the Atlantic ahead and the mountains behind. It’s a relatively easy day’s walking and ends in the heritage town of Ardara. At Ardara the Bluestack Way links to Slí Cholmcille – one of the 4 Sli Dun na nGall. Along the Bluestack way there is also a number of shorter link routes. Perhaps the best is the route to Lough Belshade.

Lough Belshade – The Jewel of the Bluestacks

Lough Belshade, known locally as the Jewel of the Bluestacks, is a beautiful site among the bare grey granite slabs of the central Bluestacks. This route takes you along the very scenic Bluestack Way on to an old bog road and then up along a fault line to the lake.

Leading you through landscapes of mountain, moorlands, mature woodland, rivers, lakes and sea, the Bluestack Way is a rambler’s paradise.

The Bluestack Way

The Bluestack Way, Co Donegal

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