Game Angling in Donegal

Game Angling in Donegal

Game Angling in Donegal – Ireland has on offer some of the finest game angling in the world. In County Donegal alone there are about 450 angling waters. These waters range from big lakes and rivers to tiny streams and ponds. They can be situated just beside the road or hidden away and hard to find.

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Before going fishing anywhere in Ireland there are a number of basics which must be adhered to:-

  • The first thing you need to fish anywhere in Ireland for trout or salmon is the government licence. You can get them from tackle shops, hotels and fisheries boards.
  • The next thing you will need is a local permit , especially when you intend to fish a river for salmon or sea trout.  Many of the lakes still have free fishing; but as a general rule it is always advisable to ask locally.
  • Do not open gates or cross farmland without permission.


Donegal Game Angling Federation

The main objective of the Donegal Game Angling Federation is to assist the local angling clubs to promote, develop and safeguard the salmon, seatrout and brown trout fishing throughout County Donegal.

The Federation regards the rivers and lakes in the County as community assets which should be managed, developed and used in a way that benefits the local community.
It is therefore in the interests of the angling clubs to provide and maintain good quality fishing to the local anglers and to share this with visitors, again to the benefit of the local community.

The Donegal Game Angling Federation insists that all member clubs must promote the skills and ethics of game angling among young people.

The Federation aspires to see the formation of a mutually respectful partnership between angling clubs and the government agencies charged with the responsibility for fisheries, thus ensuring that these natural resources are developed, managed and sustained in the most effective manner possible in the future.



Donegal Angling Clubs / Fisheries


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