Arranmore Lighthouse Donegal

Arranmore Lighthouse Donegal –  can be found along the North West corner of the Island. It has stood there since 1798, although it had been decommissioned in 1832 it was opened again in 1859. It’s convenience to the Atlantic Ocean meant that the lighthouse had been used as a World War II post and helped to look out for U-Boats.

Arranmore can be found in the Irish speaking Gaeltacht area of Donegal and can be found just three miles from the Donegal mainland coast. It’s combination of hills, rocky mountainsides and small lakes make this a quintessentially scenic Irish locale and is a popular holiday destination especially for those who like walking, learning the Irish language, diving, cycling and it is rich in less strenuous pursuits such as fishing and nightlife.

arranmore Island Lighthouse Donegal Ireland

With breath-taking walking routes around its seven square miles you can see back to the mainland from Glen Head to Tory Island. The island offers relaxing beaches in the secluded areas of Aphort and Leabgarrow.

Those who prefer aquatic pursuits will find the clear waters and abundance of marine life ideal for snorkelling and Scuba diving. The lakes are a goldmine for keen fishermen with brown trout, rainbow trout, cod, long, conger eel, pollock, wrasse, skate, turbot and plaice amongst the fish to be found here.

lighthouse on Arranmore Island

Arranmore is twinned with Beaver Island, USA which happens to be the biggest island in Lake Michigan. A memorial celebrating the joining of these two islands can be found at Lough Thoir on Arranmore. It celebrates those who have emigrated and a shrine commemorating those who left the island to cross the Atlantic sits on the roadside opposite to the memorial.

The lighthouse also holds a significant connection with the USA as it is where American Wayne Dickinson was found after his remarkable journey from Boston to Arranmore in 1982. In his 8ft 9in boat known as ‘God’s Tear’ he crossed the atlantic in what was then the smallest craft to ever have done so.

After 142 days a storm swept him onto the rocks of Arranmore Island and Wayne was found later that day at the lighthouse having seeked refuge there.

Arranmore Car Ferry


The island is the largest in Donegal and the second largest in Ireland. A 15 minute car ferry service is operational from Burtonport. More information on timetables and pricing can be found at

Arranmore Lighthouse

Arranmore Lighthouse

The Forts of Lough Swilly

The Forts of Lough Swilly – a necklace of 6 forts built during Napoleonic times to prevent a French invasion of the deep water harbour in north Donegal.

Arranmore Lighthouse Donegal

Arranmore Lighthouse can be found along the North West corner of the Island.

Mamore Gap Inishowen

Mamore Gap Inishowen – an area of outstanding beauty and is one of the most scenic parts of Donegal. It can be found on the western fringes of the Inishowen Peninsula in the North of the county.

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Lighthouses Of Donegal

Lighthouses Of Donegal – prominent coastal structures dotted around the west and north coast of Ireland’s most northerly county and on 2 offshore islands.

Swimming Pools in Donegal

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Sheskinmore Nature Reserve

Sheskinmore Nature Reserve is a large area of sand dunes, lake and marsh that lies between Kiltooris and Ballinreavy Strand, north west of Ardara, Co. Donegal.

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